Pet Placemat | Personalized | Rex Design

"Just got the pet mat and it is very cute! Thank you!"

"I absolutely love the mat."

"The placemat I ordered came out perfectly!"

Messy eaters need a pet placemat for their food and water bowls. One that's sturdy, long-lasting, not a piece of cloth, easy to clean, and looking good at the same time.

You found it! This placemat made out of rubber is everything you need. You'll love it and so will your fur family. Plus, it's made in the USA.

Just add your pets name(s) to personalize it, and that's it - a functional must-have piece that will add a bright and cozy feeling to your space.

Why not try it? The perfect gift for the pet lovers in your life too!

Made of neoprene non-slip rubber that keeps the mat in place the top is made of a thin smooth un-woven fabric that features this awesome design. The size is 12"x18" 1/4" thick.

*The design font you see in the image is the same font used for your pet's name.*

It's recommended to use mild soap and water to wipe the mat clean. Lay the mat on a flat surface to air dry. Do not put the mat in the dishwasher, washer or dryer. 

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